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January 1, 2010

The conditions of Old Age & elderly people are very Pathetic particularly in rural areas and urban slums of KURNOOL District. The Aged were deprived of many choices. The Aged last the traditional leadership and respect. The changed Social scenario and attitude of Younger Generations created many problems to the Aged. The sons and relatives of the Aged are Neglecting and Humiliating. Some of the Aged People are starving and begging in the Streets, Bus-Stands, Railway Stations, Market Places, etc., therefore, interventions needed for the Aged to lead a happy and dignified life till their last breath. Their Wisdom and Capabilities should not be waste and unproductive. They should provided with Psychological and Emotional support. They have no access to health care and basic welfare needs. Some of the elderly people are begging near by houses. 20 old age women age group between 60 to 90 yrs are requesting food for them. These selected women are neglected by their sons and daughters. Such old aged people struggling a lot for clothes and shelter also. Many Old People are Widows and Widowers. Most of this group are poor & underprivileged and face many problems for their survival. In this age group they are not able do any kind of work. Their sons and daughters are working as labourers in construction field, market yard, tobacco making, mud work, etc. Whatever they earn meager income, they look after their household needs and regularly drinks cheap liquor. The old age for them is curse.

SERUDS has decided to extend possible assistance to keep the old people in comfort in some extent on humanitarian grounds. We are supplying every day one time midday meal including Cooked Rice, Dal, Vegetables Curry, Sambar, Papad, Egg, Fresh Fruits, Curd, Butter Milk to 20 elderly persons age between 60 to 90yrs, who are being neglected and rejected by their own kin and kith. These poor aged people are spending their most of the time in temples, verandas of community halls and church yards.
In this critical juncture, our volunteers identified and brought to our non-profit organization. Further we have conducted survey and collected their case studies and providing midday meal to these old age persons. Since then, every day we are providing one time midday meal to the 20 older persons with the support from individual philanthropists, local donations. Some of the volunteers offer donations in kind and old clothes to these destitute senior citizens. If you wish to make contribution as donation to old age people’s midday meal. Hence we appeal and supplicate the generous donations for this noble mission. SERUDS constructed huts for some of these elderly people for their care & protection. The old aged persons are expressed sincere gratitude for this kind gesture to the donations donated by the donors. Now these old aged persons are very happy for providing nutritious mid day meal. We collect the sarees and other clothes from the near by colonies and distribute to them. You can donate online at SERUDS | Click and make a online donation

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A/c Name: SERUDS
ICICI Bank, UCON Plaza, Park Road, KURNOOL-518001, A.P., India
A/c No: 027901000952
IFSC Code: ICIC0000279

Donations by Non-Indians:

SERUDS has a valid FCRA license granted by the Ministry of Home Affairs New Delhi, and thus can accept donations in any currency through non-Indians. These donations necessarily have to be credited into our FCRA a/c details of which are given below.
FCRA Registration No: 010270206

The Bank details of the FCRA A/c are as follows:
Bank Name: State Bank of India
Branch Code: 00691
Address of the FCRA Cell at NDMB: FCRA Cell, 1st Floor, 11, Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110001
Account Number:

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January 1, 2010

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